Exposure Identification and Risk Assessment

Industrial Hygiene Sciences has the depth and breadth of experience to identify those agents which can cause occupational illness or injury and help employers evaluate the risk associated with such exposures.  Risk assessment goes beyond just looking at the health risks presented by an specific exposure- it includes looking a the risks associated with compliance and legal issues as well as the risks related to people's perceptions of hazardous substance or noise exposure. The information  obtained in the risk assessment and exposure identification process can be used to plan an assessment strategy, develop and implement prevention plans or determine whether a specific exposure could cause illness or injury. Examples of services include:

Exposure Assessment

Exposure assessment often requires sample collection and analysis although sometimes other qualitative measures must be used when there are no occupational exposure limits or reliable sampling techniques for a substance.  Good exposure assessments require knowledge and experience to ensure that sampling strategies are properly planned and implemented and that samples are properly handled and analyzed.  Proper data interpretation, based on science and reflecting the actual or potential exposures found in the worksite, is required to ensure employers are presented with appropriate information to help make decisions about managing the risk presented by the exposures.

Industrial hygiene Sciences has experience with OSHA, MSHA and State regulations as well the non-regulatory industrial hygiene standards of care will give you the confidence you need to make good decisions about employee health.  Examples of assessment services include:

Prevention Plans

Services don't stop at identifying and assessing exposures. Industrial Hygiene Sciences can help you prepare prevention plans to reduce employee exposures.  Prevention of occupational illnesses and injuries from exposures to hazardous substances and noise may require various levels of control including product substitution, engineering controls, work practice changes, administrative changes or use of personal protective equipment.  The corrective actions needed may have their roots in OSHA compliance issues and Industrial Hygiene Sciences has experience in working with these regulations to help you meet those requirements. Some occupational health issues are not adequately addressed by OSHA and in these cases, Industrial Hygiene Sciences will advise you of other standards of care that will assist you in protecting your employees.  Examples of services include:

Litigation Support

Industrial Hygiene Sciences can assist attorneys in the with workers compensation claims or third party suits involving exposures to chemical substances, biological agents or noise.
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